Your Plan to Reduce Healthcare Spending by 20-50%

Controlling healthcare costs means understanding the core parts of your health insurance plan.

Wincline’s plan for employers to reduce their healthcare spend by 20-50% has been a while in the making. It is the product of 15 years of employee benefits experience, 4 of which were spent intensely studying what causes healthcare plans to fail and succeed. It also took our team nearly a year to properly articulate; to shape action into ideas and, in turn, to put ideas onto paper. 

This plan is the crown jewel of Wincline’s suite of employer education content pieces. It weaves together many themes that we have elaborated on since our founding, and incorporates the hard-won lessons learned along the way. 

Healthcare in America doesn’t have to be confusing and hopeless. It just requires the willpower to engage and the willingness to be vulnerable and honest about what you don’t yet understand. Embracing this plan and the logic behind it is the first step toward better health benefits at a reasonable cost. 

This plan is supported by an extensive paper on the what, why, and how of transitioning from a fully insured health plan to one that is self-funded— the most vital move for any company that is serious about lowering their healthcare costs. We encourage you to review this paper to understand why you have been misled by your current insurance carrier and benefits broker to believe that there are significant tradeoffs involved in self-funding. Frankly, it is entirely in their interest (and against yours) for you to remain on their fully insured book of business. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to reduce your healthcare spend by 20-50%, or you have post-reading thoughts that you’d like to drop my way, we would welcome the discussion. Conversation between forward-thinking individuals is what will fix our broken healthcare system.

John Harvey
(480) 436-7072

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