What to Ask of a Benefits Broker or Advisor

Process and cost transparency are not required by law in the employee benefits industry. That means that, for now, it’s up to you to determine whether your broker or advisor is truly working on your behalf. We’ve designed a thorough checklist for doing just that. Just fill out the information and we’ll send you a copy immediately! 

The answers and explanations you get from asking these questions are the best predictors of a benefits broker or advisor’s performance.

Seeking out an employee benefits broker or advisor is a challenging, even daunting, process. As a CEO or CFO,
you’re charged with a fiduciary duty to manage your employees’ healthcare and benefits responsibly. To do that, you need to work alongside a benefits professional who understands what’s at stake and will assist you in meeting that obligation by ensuring reasonable healthcare costs.

This means that selecting the right broker or advisor is even more important than you initially thought. Not only do you need someone who is smart, hardworking, and competent, you also must be sure they are truly working on your behalf. You need someone whose incentives and strategies are aligned with your company’s interests. Our checklist will help you do just that.

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