Wincline Announces New Role: Member Champion

New Role: Member Champion

Phoenix, AZ (January 6, 2020) – Wincline, an industry leading employee benefits advisory firm dedicated to changing the way employers purchase healthcare, unveiled a new position that is redefining the member experience.

Molly Herschede, Wincline’s newest team member, is pioneering the role of Member Champion. She will work exclusively with health plan members and their dependents to assist them in navigating the complexity of healthcare. This assistance ranges from clarifying Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and health plan options for members to helping members schedule appointments with healthcare specialists—and everything in-between.

Employees are often ill-equipped to deal with our healthcare system regardless of plan guidance. They can be unaware of how to connect with high-value healthcare providers or may be unsure of how to respond when insurance companies deny care. “The biggest issue for employers in managing a health plan is the member experience,” noted John Harvey, CEO and Founder of Wincline. “This is where the Member Champion comes in.”

Having a single point-of-contact available full-time to service members’ needs and resolve issues is a game-changer. Wincline is excited to bring this forward-looking change, which leverages the full value of what benefits should be, to the health insurance industry.

“The Member Champion model can fix the two main problems in healthcare: The need to lower cost while increasing personal attention and embracing that healthcare is local,” John explained. He is proud that Wincline’s client, Copper State Bolt and Nut Co., has taken a decisive step forward by reinvesting a fraction of their healthcare savings into their own personal Member Champion.

John firmly believes that the Member Champion role will significantly enhance employees’ experiences with healthcare while easily producing a positive return on investment. “The Member Champion model could very well make sense on a larger scale, especially for fee-only benefits advisory firms like ours.”

Wincline’s measured experimentation with original solutions is consistent with its mission to advise employers as they grapple with the current U.S. healthcare system. “The Member Champion concept is not as attractive as buzzwords like international drug pricing index or association health plans, John stated. “However, having a personalized champion for plan members adds a tremendous amount of value and allows us to maintain our commitment of true advising. We expect to replicate it and make a difference on a national level.”


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