Why Every Employer Needs an Incurred Stop-Loss Contract

Paid vs. Incurred Stop-loss Contracts - Explained

Many employers are on an inferior, paid stop-loss contract without even knowing incurred contracts exist! 

Fact: There’s no instance where a paid contract is better than an incurred one. Know the difference and get a benefits advisor who will set you up with an incurred contract. 

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Watch John Get Fired Up About
Paid Stop-loss Contracts

"An incurred contract gives oversight and control of healthcare expenses back to the employer,."

John Harvey, CEO Founder - Wincline

Every Employer Needs an Incurred Stop-Loss Contract!

In this insightful one-pager, you will learn about stop-loss contracts and why they matter.

You will also learn how to determine what is the best fit for you in terms of these contracts.

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