Healthcare is stealing the American Dream

Here's How we take it back!

The Opioid Crisis Wake-Up Call

by Dave Chase

The opioid crisis is not an anomaly.

Rather, the largest public health crisis in 100 years is a self-inflicted wound driven by a catastrophically dysfunctional health care system. 

This book uncovers the upstream, systemic fixes designed to stop the crisis at its source. There are 12 primary drivers of the opioid crisis, all of which must be addressed by the country and, specifically, by EMPLOYERS.

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The U.S. working and middle classes have gone backwards financially in the last 20 years and the culprit is our health care system.*

Three reasons you should read this book and be part of the solution:

  1. Health care expenditures, including insurance premiums, out-of-pocket expenditures, and taxes devoted to health care, nearly doubled between 1999 and 2009.
  2. This increase substantially eroded what an average family must spend on everything else, leaving them with only $95 more per month than in 2007.
  3. Had health care costs paralleled the Consumer Price Index, rather than outpacing it, an average American family would have had an additional $5,000 per year, to spend on other priorities.

    * This was the conclusion of a groundbreaking study by RAND, 2013

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