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Thank you for taking an interest in fixing healthcare! We hope you find value in reading “Your Third-Party Administrator’s Hidden Revenue.” Below are some additional resources we think you might enjoy.

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Your Plan to Reduce Healthcare Spending by 20-50% Controlling healthcare costs means understanding the core parts of your health insurance plan. Wincline’s plan for employers to reduce their healthcare spend by 20-50% has been a while in the making. It is the product of 15 years of employee benefits experience, 4 of which were spent

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Employers Are Paying for the Dysfunction in the U.S. Healthcare System america overpays for its healthcare relative to other nations.   Don’t be a part of financing the status quo. A recent report by RAND found that companies across the United States are overcharged nearly 2.4x for hospital services on average. 

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Fully Insured v. Self Funded Health Plans It’s the difference between paying rent and investing in a mortgage. Many employers are understandably confused about the difference between having a fully insured health plan and a self-funded one. This Industry Insight compares the two models of financing one’s health plan, explaining

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