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Your Third-Party Administrator’s Hidden Revenue Your TPA makes more money from processing out-of-network claims than from doing its job—administering your health plan! Employers pay a fee to a third-party administrator (TPA) to administer, adjudicate, and pay claims on behalf of their company’s health plan. However, this investigation details how, in

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Employers Are Paying for the Dysfunction in the U.S. Healthcare System america overpays for its healthcare relative to other nations.   Don’t be a part of financing the status quo. A recent report by RAND found that companies across the United States are overcharged nearly 2.4x for hospital services on average. 

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Overcoming the Know-Do Gap in Fixing Healthcare Healthcare is already fixed. It’s time to implement. There is often a gap between what decision-makers know, and what they choose to do with such information. We call this the “Know-Do Gap.” Relying on more than 50 authoritative sources and 7 other internal

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