Our Story - Wincline
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Employee Benefit Consulting Services


Wincline unbundles benefit services and gives each client a custom, personalized plan that leads to success.

Benefits Communication Consulting

Wincline provides our clients with exclusive tools and customized solutions.

Benefits Compliance


Wincline helps HR departments create personalized plans for Health Care Reform Compliance, Risk Analysis and Compliance Administration to keep employees updated and meet company deadlines.

Benefits Administration & Technology

Wincline guides companies to present data in a different way to streamline getting quotes and enrollment processes through advanced technology.

Corporate Wellness Programs


Wincline team of wellness consultants work side by side with each client to give them a variety of tools to enhance the health services they can offer each employee.

Corporate Retirement Plans

Wincline provides tools and services to make the process of choosing the right plan easy and stress-free.