Why Medicare is a Good Benchmark for Reference Based Pricing

Medicare as a Benchmark

Why should Medicare be used as a benchmark for Reference Based Pricing (RBP) health insurance plans? Some say it shouldn’t. We disagree.

If employers and providers are going to be able to properly negotiate, they have to start from somewhere. Medicare, for many reasons, should be that starting point. Because of its methodology, flexibility, and independence from health insurance carriers, setting medical reimbursements rates at a multiple of Medicare (1.3x, 1.5x, 2.0x, etc.) is not only useful for employers ⁠— it puts more money in the pockets of providers.

Read our detailed rebuttal to Mr. Tom Nickels, a hospital association representative, who falsely claims the Medicare rate is a poor benchmark for medical reimbursements. 

Watch John Get Fired Up About Medicare as a Benchmark for RBP

"Medicare is the largest, most credible published price of healthcare in the world."

John Harvey, CEO Founder - Wincline Tweet

Download our whitepaper that dismantles his argument point-by-point and demonstrates why Medicare should be used as a benchmark for all RBP health insurance plans.

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Read a detailed rebuttal of critics who say that Medicare does not reimburse providers fairly and makes a poor benchmark for medical payments.

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