Jennifer Miller

Your Third-Party Administrator’s Hidden Revenue

Your TPA makes more money from processing out-of-network claims than from doing its job—administering your health plan! Employers pay a fee to a third-party administrator (TPA) to administer, adjudicate, and pay claims on behalf of their company’s health plan. However, this investigation details how, in some cases, TPAs make MORE money on “negotiating” your out-of-network …

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Does Size Really Matter

Large brokerage firms couldn’t save you money if they wanted to. When partnering with another company, executives tend to worry about whether this new partner is big enough. “Will they be able to handle our growing company?” they think. “And do they have the resources to support our expanding objectives?” This Industry Insight argues against …

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Fully Insured vS. Self Funded Health Plans

It’s the difference between paying rent and investing in a mortgage. Many employers are understandably confused about the difference between having a fully insured health plan and a self-funded one. This Industry Insight compares the two models of financing one’s health plan, explaining how self-funding is superior to being fully insured in all cases with the …

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Your Plan to Reduce Healthcare Spending by 20-50%

Controlling healthcare costs means understanding the core parts of your health insurance plan. Wincline’s plan for employers to reduce their healthcare spend by 20-50% has been a while in the making. It is the product of 15 years of employee benefits experience, 4 of which were spent intensely studying what causes healthcare plans to fail and succeed. It also took our …

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Are You Paying to Get Ripped Off?

Health insurance is designed to cover large costs. So why are employers regularly paying more for procedures through network discounts?

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