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Smart, honest benefits

We provide a new way of looking at healthcare benefits. Honest and smart conversations lead to innate greatness.

An eye for savings

Like a hawk watches for its next meal, we watch for anything that saves our clients money. We’ve saved our clients thousands of dollars and were proud of it!

Constant communication

One of our staples is communication. We are constantly communicating with our clients and love to guide them to smart decisions.

Cut out the middle man

There is nothing worse than a middle man. We’d prefer to negotiate with medical professionals rather than insurance companies.

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What Clients Say...

“What I like about Wincline is their commitment to the end of dirty data, complete transparency and the belief they can transform healthcare”

Sarah Shannon - President, Copper State Bolt & Nut

“John Harvey and Wincline changed the way our company looked at employee benefits. He gave us a plan that would be most beneficial to our employees.”

Steve Watson - CFO, Child & Family Support Services

A Few Of Our Clients...

Winning Healthcare in Three Simple Steps

Sign with Wincline.
Save 20% on average healthcare costs after the switch.
Save an additional 80% when you find your premiums don't go up the yearly averages.